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Journey to Financial Independence



I grew up in a humble family. My dad had good education but he didn’t have the drive so he didn’t do well financially. My mom didn’t have high education, but she is frugal and has always looked for ways to make money despite having to look after me when I was a kid and couldn’t get a full time job. Growing up in Hong Kong, I learned that one has to look after him/herself. I need to learn to not only get a salary but to make money work for me. Since 2005, I have been investing in stocks, mutual funds, and later I also invested in real estate. I love reading books about financial independence, investing and wealth. I also have a wide range of interests. I am currently running a B2B consulting firm in Canada and a home fragrance business in Asia. I know not everyone has the environment to be exposed to this knowledge / concept. And some may find the topic intimidating and don’t know where to start. I hope to share my experience, reading and learning with you. So we can all grow and strive.


Why am I doing this?

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Slow is fast

- Take time to plan and reflect - Don’t rush - No need to “make the most out of everything” - No need to buy discounted products - Care for those tha… ...

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Recommended reading related to money mindset: - The Psychology of Money - Rich Dad Poor Dad - Happy Money by Ken Honda - The Millionaire Next Door

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Salary vs. Investment income

We always have to work. To earn a salary is about efficiency and use our time to create value for someone else. Investment is about compound intere… ...

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Know your numbers

First and most important step: know your numbers! Keep track of How much you are earning How much you are spending How much you are saving How much … ...

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Know your number (amendment)

A bit more on numbers Know your debt and how to protect your loved ones

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What’s your “constraint”?

Instead of optimizing what we have, we have to think about what is limiting us from attaining what we want - i.e. our “constraints” 1. Think about w… ...

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Where to start?

1. Your current assets and savings 2. What type and how much 3. Do you own your home 4. Have you maximized TFSA and RRSP 5. Intro to Stock market 6. … ...

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2021 learning and sharing

A year in review: In the past year, I’ve decided to focus on learning how to invest in stock market, and instead of investing in ETF using dollar ave… ...

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