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Frequently Asked Question

  • How is Flowjin different from podcasts?

    Podcast is a great tool to build your audience. The more listeners you have, the more famous you get. However not everyone can play the long game of building a business out of being a podcaster (You should have a huge listener count to monetize it through ad).

    But Flowjin is for creating content for your current audience and make a direct living out of it. Let's say you have 5k followers on Instagram and you want to engage them more by creating exclusive content for them. If you go for the podcast game, you won't understand who listened to the episodes? Who is a super fan? And it doesn't make sense to create an exclusive episode just for a listener's question. Well, Flowjin is here for this need!

  • How can I create a flow?

    Here is a blog post that explains how you can create a flow from zero and how to get your first subscribers!

  • Why should I download the app when I can access them on web?

    For free flows, you can listen to the posts from the web or find them in your inbox. But in order to ask your questions from the creator, you should download the app. It is the same for paid flows, unless you can only get access to full posts list on the app.

  • How can I have access to my subscribers' list?

    Since we are still in Beta, we haven’t developed a feature to export your list. Just send us an email and we will send you an email list right away!

  • How soon can I withdraw my payments?

    Generally, We have a schedule to pay out all payable subscriptions at the end of each month.

    However, you can manually ask for a withdraw for the subscriptions which were made 7 days ago or earlier (This is due to our refund policy for the subscriber. They can ask for a refund in a week from their subscription.)

    For requesting a withdraw, send us an email to [email protected]

  • What countries do you support?

    For managing your payouts collected through Stripe, you should be in one of the countries listed here.

  • How can I unsubscribe from a flow?

    You can email us at [email protected]. Make sure to mention unsubscribe and the flow name in the subject.

  • What audio posts are shown on the web-view link of my flow?

    If your flow is free, all audio posts are accessible on the web. But your followers should subscribe in order to receive the new posts in their inbox, access them on Flowjin app and be able to ask questions from you on the app.

    If your flow is paid, only the first two audio posts are accessible for public. To listen to more audio posts, your followers should pay a subscription.

Why Flowjin?

Turn your followers to super fans with less effort

Imagine your followers listen to your voice everyday on their free time.

It is easier to make audio posts and it makes your relationship with fans more robust.

Higher value for super fans

Bring over your most engaged followers, create premium content and help them achieve more.

You're in charge

Subscribers are your super fans. When you start a flow, you get your own email list, A website for all your posts and Ownership of all posts.

We make money, when you make money

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