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Get multiple video clips for your podcast in 3 steps

Provide the link to your podcast file, whether it's in audio or video format then Create Clip

Effortlessly Promote and Expand Your Podcast Reach with Flowjin

Build a YouTube channel for your audio podcast

Unlock the immense distribution power of YouTube for your audio podcast. Flowjin empowers you to effortlessly create captivating, 2 to 5-minute snippet videos to publish as engaging clips on your YouTube channel.

Harness Instagram Reels and TikTok

Capture attention with dynamic 1-minute video clips showcasing the hottest moments from your podcast. Leverage the discoverability of popular social channels like TikTok and Instagram, reaching wider audiences across various keywords and categories.

Highlight Your Guest's appearance

Flowjin curates short clips that capture your podcast guests' unique insights and memorable quotes. Elevate their presence on your show, allowing them to effortlessly share their appearance and introduce their fans to your exceptional content.

Unlock the Power of Your Long-form Content in Just 3 Steps

Flowjin transforms your content into an endless stream of Social-Ready clips

AI-Powered Highlights

Flowjin takes your lengthy content and transforms it into structured, topic-based chapters. We then employ advanced analysis to pinpoint the most engaging moments, suggesting them as highlights for creating short clips. With Flowjin, you retain complete control, allowing you to tailor and edit these highlight moments before clip generation.

AI Audio/Video Auto-Clipping

Flowjin edits your podcast, zoom recording, educational video into short clips automatically. Clips ready for seamless sharing across all major social platforms, including YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram.

AI-Enhanced Social Video Marketing

Flowjin doesn't just stop at clipping; it empowers your clips with automatically generated titles, descriptions, and keywords that can double as hashtags. Flowjin ensures your content is primed and ready for effortless publishing, helping you reach a broader audience with ease.

Elevate your content creation with advanced video clip generator tools

Speaker-spot video Resizer

Precision resizing and framing, always keeping the speaker in focus


Ensure accessibility and engagement with automatic caption generation

AI Speaker detection

Identify and highlight speakers with cutting-edge AI speaker detection

AI Audiogram generator

Generate visually stunning audiograms with dynamic speaker visualization

Customized branded templates

Create captivating content with personalized, branded templates

Snippets and Shorts Engine

Effortlessly generate compelling snippets (2-5 min) and short clips (15-60 sec) from your content

Guest-Specific Moments

Generate guest-specific clips that spotlight your special guests and collaborators

Auto-title and description

Streamline your content's metadata with automatic title and description generation

Grow your audio podcast on YouTube

Easily get snippet videos with auto-generated titles

Videos come with auto caption and speaker visualization

Become searchable by multiple keywords

Grow your audience with no extra effort

16:9 Flowjin Video sample

Grow your audience like professional creators, effortlessly

Grow your podcast with short-form videos, effortlessly