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Our AI generates shorts for you to review.

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Edit the reel as much as you like and when you're happy, just click on 'Export'. Make sure to choose portrait size for clip ratio.

Why thousands of podcasts love us

Flowjin gives me a constant flow of content to post on Twitter for my followers. Before Flowjin, I only posted once a week but now I have many nuggets to share

Daniel Glejzner
Angular Bros podcast host

I've been enjoying using Flowjin to make soundbites for my X Spaces to post on YouTube and today %50 of my YouTube videos have been created with Flowjin. I love how easy it is to customize and edit each clip.

Heather Cooper
Consultant, recognized by Wired

I use Flowjin to make engaging short clips from long form discussion videos and they’re pretty good!

Drutang Reborn
Popular Twitter Space host

I post on LinkedIn 6-7 times a week and Flowjin videos are among the top engaged posts of the week.

Alli Rizacos
Top Linkedin business coach & Ex-Salesforce

Promoting my podcast has been the most time consuming and tedius. Flowjin has not only reduced the effort, but made it enjoyable. Their agent service not only connected me with a skilled professional but also helped me fine-tune my marketing strategy. My podcast has seen significant growth since partnering with Flowjin. They've saved me hours per week!

Vahid Jozi
Fractional CPO and Host of Helpful podcast

What drew me to Flowjin was, I realized it would be perfect for creating summaries of my Twitter Spaces files to post on YouTube. I wanted to share updates and informational content from the show in the form of short videos.

Marcus Andrews
Founder of HeartDomains LLC

I was looking for a way to create content and spread it wide then I found Flowjin. It helps me work smarter, not harder. It’s pretty good at finding share-worthy moments and creating a video for audio files.

Desia Batiste
Founder of HeartDomains LLC

The AI clips are great. it obviously makes it much more compact in terms of the number of choices are to make clips for my content, so it saves time.

Michael Gayed
Award-winning Investment Manager

Answers to
Questions about creating Instagram reels with AI

Import your video to and it chops it up to multiple reels with meaningful content. They need next to zero edits. Just download and post them on your Instagram.
Instagram Reels have a maximum video length of 90 seconds, while Instagram Story videos have a maximum length of 60 seconds.
If you have an existing content like a longer video, you can upload it to tools like Flowjin to cut a contextually meaningful snippet and resize it to an Instagram reel automatically.