Archive, download and share your Twitter Spaces recordings for free

A single web page that helps you download all your available Spaces audio files forever and share it with others.


How it works?

Store time-lessly

Archive all of your past and future available Spaces forever. No 30 days limit.

The list is always up to date

As soon as you set it up, it will automatically store all of your future Spaces. No more work is needed from you.

Download in a standard audio format

Download the M4A format of your Spaces with correct titles after they have been uploaded to your playlist.

Utilize your Spaces better

Create the content once, make benefit from it forever.

Have an after party in Flowjin app!

Your audience can keep the conversation going by leaving a comment. You can reply in audio!

Build an email list of listeners

Your listeners can subscribe to get notified for next uploaded Twitter Spaces by email

Monetize your Twitter Spaces

Put your recording behind a paywall and charge a monthly fee for access to them

Coming Soon
Podcast RSS feed

Turn your recordings to a podcast automatically with our RSS feed generator

Coming Soon

What creators say about us

As a co-founder of an educational platform I’m constantly looking for opportunities to repurpose our content: how to make LinkedIn posts, Twitter threads, visuals, etc. No wonder, Twitter Spaces have become a part of our content and growth marketing strategy. And I have no doubts Flowjin will become one of the most widely used tools in our marketing toolkit. This service is exactly what we’ve been looking for: an easy, affordable way to save our Twitter Spaces recording and host them on our website to boost traffic. I can’t thank the Flowjin team enough for the impeccable timing they chose to launch the service.

I found the app Flowjin and as it happens What a wonderful experience I’ve had with it so far. I firstly signed up through my Twitter account which was about as easy as it gets. It was in Beta when I found it and then proceeded to connect my Spaces to the app which was excellent . Populating my Spaces means they will never disappear like in 30 days on Twitter . It’s downloaded as an MP3 and as I’ve listened to them with good quality. Super happy to have them and use them in the future on other apps for promotion . I consider this app the missing link for podcasters and Spaces hosts/co-hosts . It’s a must have product which also gives me access to others I follow on it from my friends lists . 10/10

If you are looking for a Twitter Spaces file compiler, look no further. Providing technology ease to me, Flowjin loads an MP3 for each of my Spaces events and stores them as a playlist in one convenient location which is shareable. I also have the option to download the file to my computer for other uses. Bravo to the team. This system rocks!

Frequently Asked Question

SpacesInFlow only detects Spaces in which you are the main host. Spaces that you have co-hosted or spoken at aren't detected. We may enable it in the future. If you would like to archive Spaces you have co-hosted or spoken at, tell us at [email protected].

Forever! We built this tool to let you be free of the 30 days limit of Twitter.

When your playlist is created with the media files being uploaded on our server, we send you an email to notify you of its completion. You can then download the media files separately via the download button next to each media file in the URL found on the email.

It’s either because your profile is in private mode, or you only have Spaces in your profile in which you were a co-host or a speaker. We only detect Spaces you have created yourself. Note that we also don’t support ticketed Spaces currently.

Unfortunately, you can only create 1 playlist out of your Spaces on our beta version. Once you connect your Twitter account in the process, we upload all of your future Spaces in the same playlist that was initially created for you.

Yes. To upload them, you must do it on Flowjin app. Please follow the steps bellow:
  1. Download the app here
  2. Go to your profile and find your Twitter Space Flow
  3. Click on (+) button and add new media files as a new post

This is a bug from Twitter that we have reported. If it happens to you, simply enter the following URL[yourtwitterhandle] in your browser and go through the "Connect Twitter" process again and athorize Flowjin.

You're probably using Safari on your iOS device in Private Browsing Mode. Make sure to switch to normal browsing. Click here to find out how to switch.

You can modify your playlist details or the files on Flowjin app. Simply login to the app, go to your profile, and tap on the Flow. You can modify the Flow details by the edit option accessible on the menu on the upper right of the page. Also to modify each media file, tap on the media file cart and access the edit option on the upper right of the page.

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