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Streamline your content promotion process with Flowjin's all-in-one solution. With just one click, unlock multiple short video clips complete with transcription, captions, and descriptions, ready to be shared across all social platforms.

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Transcription hours

Number of hours for file transcription in month

80 minutes / one time80 minutes / month3 hours / month15 hours / month30 hours / month
Import media by Link

Easily import Twitter Spaces and media from other well-known platforms through a provided link

Archiving period

The time your recordings stored in Flowjin

30 DaysUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Upload Audio Format

Upload your files in audio formats and turn them into audiograms

AI generated video clips

Automatically generated captions for videos

Auto video caption

Automatically generate captions for videos

Set background image

Style your rendered video by adding custom background image

Email Support

Access support and assistance via email

Edit generated video clips

Edit automatically generated video clips through rerender service in clips page

2 edit / month5 edit / month 15 edit / month100 edit / month
Twitter Space Auto Import

Automatically download new spaces for 30 days

Watermark removed

Remove watermarks from your videos

Upload Video

Upload your file in video formats and turn them to mini clips

Custom video template for audiograms

We create exclusive and customized templates for you

Detected Speakers

Identify individual speakers in your audio

8 speakers8 speakers8 speakers8 speakers8 speakers
Dedicated account manager

Access a dedicated account manager to maximize the value of Flowjin

Pricing FAQs

Yes, we offer a one-time free trial for our paid plans. During the trial, you can convert one audio file that is up to 80 minutes in length into video clips for free.
Yes, we offer the option to include embedded subtitles in your video clips. Additionally, for each video clip, you can choose to download the subtitles and transcriptions separately.
To contact us, you can email us at [email protected], or leave a message on the live chat widget on the Flowjin website.
You can purchase up to one additional hour of audio credit each month to suit your needs. If you would like to add a fixed amount of audio credits to your plan monthly, please email [email protected] and we will offer you a custom package tailored to your needs.
You can cancel your plan at any time and request a refund. If you haven't used your plan at all, we'll refund the entire amount. If you have used some of your credits, we'll refund the lowest of either the prorated days left in your billing cycle or the prorated value of your remaining credits.
If you’re looking for bulk usage for the Creator/Pro plan, We can manage to do it for you. Please send us an email to [email protected]
Your credits will expire at the end of your billing cycle and will not carry over to the following month.
You can easily cancel your subscription from your Flowjin account. You can also delete your account and permanently wipe your data from our servers.