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What makes Flowjin, better than Descript?

Flowjin doesn't just transcribe; it understands. Other platforms only transcribe. Editing and finding key highlights take time and effort. Flowjin does it differently. One click creates up to 10 clips per episode. Quick and simple.

AI generated clips for your audio-only podcast

Flowjin transcribes, understands the topic, context, and narrative. Then, it creates audiograms for sharing on social platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube with one click.

No more manual clip editing

Flowjin's technology cuts through the noise. It ensures every key moment and idea is captured and linked, crafting a fluid story. Clips are complete and meaningful, start to finish. It avoids the pitfalls of missing insights or hanging stories, boosting engagement and satisfaction.

Social Media Ready Templates

Turn one episode into multiple stories with one click. Share unique tales on all social platforms, each fitting the channel's style.

Animated caption styles

Choose trending captions and fonts. Flowjin's presets make your clips stand out easily.

How our AI podcast clip maker works?

Add your audio

Import or upload your media.

AI generates animated videos

Our AI generates animated videos for your audio with dynamic pictures, waveforms and captions

Edit and Export

Trim or expand the clip and edit the look of the audiogram and then export

Comparing Flowjin vs Descript

Feature list

AI generated clips

Single view to manage all the clips (to edit, export or download)

Text base video editor

Trendy caption animations and fonts

Repurpose with podcast link

Repurpose with YouTube links

Auto jump-cut & transition

Get each clips in various dimensions in no time (16:9- 9:16- 1:1)

Answers to
Questions about Flowjin for Long video AI repurposing

Import your podcast into Flowjin and let AI turn the best minutes to audiograms for you. Customize with your brand and edit the clips as you like. It saves %90 of your time.
Import your podcast and wait until AI generates short videos for you. Edit the subtitle, customize with your brand and export in vertical, or horizontal aspect ratio
Import your podcast and wait until AI generates short videos for you. Select the ones that are shorter and export the ones you like in 9:16 aspect ratio and post to your Instagram.

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