A Munch alternative to turn long videos into engaging social clip with AI-powered editing

Narrative Intelligence: Flowjin's AI edits your video Into engaging short stories, not just clips.
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What makes Flowjin, better than Munch?

Flowjin makes every second count. Get ready to create, captivate, and conquer social media with stories that stick.

Custom Clips for Every Platform

Maximize likes and shares with clips tailored by Flowjin’s AI for TikTok, Instagram, and beyond.

One Video, Many Stories

Turn a single video into a stream of unique stories that grab attention on fast-paced social feeds.

Studio Quality, in one click

Get the polish of top-tier studio video editors. Flowjin's AI makes each cut with an expert's eye

Edit with Ease

Forget complex video editing tools. With Flowjin, editing is as simple as typing – anyone can do it, and everyone will love it.

How our AI video repurposing works?

Add your video

Upload your media file or import it by URL.

AI generates clips and marketing assets

Our AI generates ready to be edit clips and summaries to reuse as Youtube chapters with timestamps for your video.

Edit and Export

Edit the generated video as much as you like and when you’re happy, just click on 'Generate Clip'. Download your video in the size that you prefer.

Comparing Flowjin vs Munch

Feature list

Multi-moment snippet clip

Free storage



Text-based video editor

Audio to video clips

Repurpose with YouTube links

Auto jump-cut & transition

Auto caption

Caption typo correction

Answers to
Questions about Flowjin for Long video AI repurposing

To make a short video using AI, go to Flowjin.com and paste your video. The AI will generate you short clips in different sizes. You can make edits if you want to.
AI tools like Flowjin can generate clips for YouTube Shorts, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook from a long video. They can be customized to your brand too.
You can upload your YouTube video to Flowjin and it generates you shorts in minutes. Flowjin is the best tool to remix good stories in your video to shorts and get viral.

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