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Narrative Intelligence: Flowjin's AI edits your long video Into engaging short stories, not just clips.
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What makes Flowjin, better than Vidyo AI?

Flowjin doesn't just slice; it understands. Unlike other platforms that simply cut long videos into smaller segments, often missing the heart of your message, Flowjin takes video editing to the next level.

Intelligent Story-Driven Editing

Flowjin changes how we edit for social media. Instead of cutting long videos into smaller pieces like Vidyo AI, Flowjin finds the best bits throughout your entire video. It then combines these highlights into a one-minute clip that tells a full story on its own. This way, your clips grab attention on social media, sharing the whole story without needing the longer video. Perfect for creators who want to share impactful stories easily.

No More Missed Moments: Ensuring a Complete Story

Flowjin's technology cuts through the noise. It ensures every key moment and idea is captured and linked, crafting a fluid story. Clips are complete and meaningful, start to finish. It avoids the pitfalls of missing insights or hanging stories, boosting engagement and satisfaction.

Auto reframe

Flowjin AI centers speakers automatically. It uses advanced face detection to frame them in various layouts like divided, fill, and auto.

Text-based video editor

Forget complex video editing tools. With Flowjin, editing is as simple as typing - anyone can do it, and everyone will love it.

How our AI video repurposing works?

Add your video

Upload your media file or import it by URL.

AI generates clips and marketing assets

Our AI generates ready to be edit clips and summaries to reuse as Youtube chapters with timestamps for your video.

Edit and Export

Edit the generated video as much as you like and when you’re happy, just click on 'Generate Clip'. Download your video in the size that you prefer.

Comparing Flowjin vs Vidyo AI

Feature list
Vidyo AI

Multi-moment snippet clip

Auto video framing

Full Fledge text-based video Editor

Audio content to video clips

Repurpose with YouTube links

Auto jump-cut & transition

Auto caption

Caption typo correction

Answers to
Questions about Flowjin for Long video AI repurposing

To get started, simply upload your long-form audio or video content to Flowjin or provide a link (YouTube, Apple Podcast, Google Drive, etc.), and our AI engine begins its magic. It delves into the material, understanding its topic, narrative, speakers, and keywords. Flowjin then skillfully identifies and crafts top stories from your content by blending key moments into short, social-ready clips—in just minutes. You can fine-tune these clips directly from your dashboard and share them on social media with Flowjin’s suggested titles.
Flowjin thrives on spoken language content. It's perfect for talk-focused videos such as commentary, educational content, interviews, podcasts, webinars, Zoom calls, lectures, conferences, and workshops. Essentially, any video where dialogue drives the information is ideal for Flowjin’s AI.
Currently, Flowjin supports content in English. We're expanding our language base, so stay tuned for additional language support coming your way!
Yes, indeed! Your videos will receive AI-generated captions that you can stylize and animate to fit your brand. Plus, you can download caption files (.srt) separately for added convenience.
Absolutely! Flowjin is designed for ease of use, so that video creators, regardless of video editing expertise, can amplify their content effortlessly. It’s intuitive—think of it as editing a document—making it perfect for novices and pros alike.
We're here to help! Send your queries to [email protected], and we'll respond promptly to assist you with any additional information you need.

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